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Hi friend! My name is Jessica, I am a family and portrait photographer based in Washington Dc. I am a Christian, wife, and identical twin. I love lilacs, candles, rainy days and honesty. I love finding joy in simple things.

“Today and always, thanks for all you do to put more love in the world.” Dear Mothers,Just a note to say you are doing a wonderful job. On any given day it can be hard to be a mother with all the different tasks you need to do. But during this time it’s extra hard. […]


May 29, 2020

Dear Mother

Photographers…What have you been doing over this time to serve your clients? I know, it’s hard to think about serving when we can’t see our clients face to face. But there are a host of other ways you can serve them and even turn a potential client into a raving fan without actually hiring you…yet. […]

Photography Business

May 27, 2020

Ways to Support your Clients over this time

There is hardly anything that makes me feel better than a walk around the city. Especially over this time, I have prioritized more time outside. I feel like every time I take a walk in the city, I happen on a surprise of some sort. Interesting architecture, lovely garden, or maybe bump into a friend. […]

Places to visit in and near DC

May 25, 2020

Spring in the City |Washington, DC

I met Amanda on Instagram several months ago and we have waited a long time for their session! It could not have been a more beautiful day! They drove 1.5 hours to DC-always an honor for a client to drive so far-and we had a lovely morning together. Since they weren’t familiar with DC Amanda […]


May 20, 2020

The Yoder Family | Library of Congress, DC

I thought it was high time to give you all a life update. With the current situation our lives look much different than we had anticipated. The Creamery is still open and we are very grateful for that. Daniel has worked on getting online ordering and delivery set up as an option for our customers. […]


May 18, 2020

Life Update…

I was so excited when Natalie reached out about taking Mother’s Day photos. Their home is a lovely farmhouse with a full porch so we had the entire session outside. We started on the porch and then kicked off our shoes for a few photos running in the grass barefoot. The children are at such […]


May 15, 2020

The Strahorn Family |Washington, DC Family Photographer

I can’t tell you how much getting outside has made all the difference over this time! Well….that, and ice cream. But truly, going for a walk and getting fresh air just helps to clear my mind and to think more positively. It’s also so good for the imagination. If you have kiddos I suggest looking […]


May 11, 2020

Benefits of Nature

There are lots of babies being born over this time of staying at home. I wanted to put together a tutorial for you on how to pose your baby at home. It can look daunting to attempt this yourself without any practice but I believe in you and the importance of documenting this special time […]


May 8, 2020

How to Photograph your Newborn from Home

I’ve put together a gift guide for Mother’s Day. Any of these would make a Mama happy and brighten up her day. Photo Album -I’ve heard it for years, Mothers around the world struggle to organize photos and create a photo album. If it looks overwhelming, just choose your favorite 20 photos for an album […]


May 6, 2020

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

The last few days have been incredibly rainy and it’s been hard to get out of the house. Here are a few fun ideas to do with your children to entertain and help with the “cooped in” feelings. Kinetic sand -this can give you several hours of entertainment in one day! Do watch toddlers, that […]


May 4, 2020

Ideas to Entertain Children on a Rainy Day

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