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Hi friend! My name is Jessica, I am a newborn and family photographer based in Washington Dc. I find it an absolute honor to photograph you with your little ones. I adore baby toes and that unforgettable newborn smell. 

We all have needed a new headshot for some reason or another and most times we need one, it’s last minute. But as a business owner it’s key to showing up on your social media so clients can get to know you and make a connection by seeing your face. Getting a fresh headshot every […]

Photography Business

July 26, 2021

How to take your own Headshot

Lightroom -I only use Lightroom for my editing. My goal for each session is to be able to edit in an hour. I try to take care of most things “in-camera” while I am shooting but I can edit and touch up all my images in Lightroom alone. ShowIt -This is the platform I use […]

Photography Business

July 19, 2021

5 Main Tools for my Photography Business

I’m so grateful how beautiful things can come from hard places. I was struggling with feeling lonely in my business. It’s been a year of social-distancing and being an extrovert I was feeling it deeply. I desperately wanted a few friends/photographers to talk with. Just being in the same industry helps you feel connected and […]

Photography Business

April 21, 2021

Build Your Community

The past two years I dove deep into understanding SEO. It felt so intimidating and overwhelming to me, yet I knew I needed to know more to further grow my business. What even is SEO? SEO is how your future clients find you on Google. I am a Washington, DC Newborn Photographer and so when […]

Photography Business

March 24, 2021

Business Tips for SEO |Mentor Sessions

Babies are still being born. Memories are still being made. And families are still choosing to document this time in their lives. But…as photographers we are having to work extra hard to make that happen, and we are honored to do so. Many families are opting to take their photos outside as extra precautions but […]

Newborn, Photography Business, Places to visit in and near DC

March 3, 2021

Outdoor Locations in DC for Photo Sessions -during the pandemic

Here is an overview of what I take with me during a newborn session. Canon 5D Mark IV -my camera body Canon 50mm 1.2 -my lens I use 99% of the time Canon 100mm macro -for the detail images like lashes and toes Sigma 35mm 1.4 -wide angle for tight spaces during a home session […]

Photography Business

February 1, 2021

What I Pack for a Newborn Session

For years I struggled with knowing what to gift my newborn clients. So many times they have baby showers and have everything they really need. I found several items that make wonderful gifts from photographers. Silicon Bib -these are food-grade bibs and come in so handy when your child starts the fun world of food. […]

Newborn, Photography Business

January 27, 2021

Newborn Gifts from Photographers

As I look back on the past year, I feel so very grateful. It was a hard year in many ways but goodness, I grew a lot. Being shut down for several months really showed me how much I love photographing and even more than that…how much I adore being around people, making new friends […]

Photography Business

January 1, 2021

Photographers -How to Prep for a New Year

I wanted to give you several simple tips on how to design your photo albums. I believe photos should come off the digital screen and become a beautiful print or album for you and your family to enjoy everyday. Sure, you probably won’t look at your photo album every day but the moments when you […]

Photography Business

September 23, 2020

How to Design a Photo Album

Outfit ideas always seem to be the most stressful in planning a photo session. It truly doesn’t have to be complicated. I have a few tried and true rules to live by that will make it quit simple. Choose one piece and go from there. I would suggest choosing the mother’s outfit/dress first and then […]

Photography Business

September 16, 2020

Fall Outfit Ideas for Your Photo Session

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