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Hi friend! My name is Jessica, I am a newborn and family photographer based in Washington Dc. I find it an absolute honor to photograph you with your little ones. I adore baby toes and that unforgettable newborn smell. 

This post means so much to me. It’s a testimony of answered prayers, a journey of waiting, and hope in the world. I met Betsy through a mutual friend. She leads a local infertility support group I joined a few months ago. She is so kind, speaks truth, and is becoming a dear friend of […]

Infertility Journey, Stories of Motherhood

September 5, 2018

Betsy |Story of Motherhood

I met Sarah several times with our local photographer meet-ups. I’ve admired her from a distance in so many ways: her marriage, business and style of motherhood. I’m delighted to share her story with you. How has Motherhood changed you as a woman?  I have become much more compassionate toward other women. Even though I […]

Stories of Motherhood

June 1, 2018

Sarah -A Classic DC Motherhood Session

I met Shilpi about 2 years ago in our neighborhood. Her boys are the same age as the children I nanny and they play so well together. I admire her gentle confidence and all the places she takes her children. They explore the whole city together! Enjoy her story on motherhood. What is your full time […]

Stories of Motherhood

May 18, 2018

Shilpi -Story of Motherhood

Thoughts about Becoming a Mother I Promise… If you call my name, I will listen. If you reach for me, I will hold you. If you need me, I will be there. And when you are grown, I will still. -Author Unknown- It’s hard to believe that in a few short weeks (6 weeks to […]

Maternity, Stories of Motherhood

January 1, 2018

Rachel- Story of Motherhood|Library of Congress, DC

Kathy and I “met” on Instagram. We both share a love for DC and strong family ties. She reached out about a family session and I was delighted when she agreed to write for the Motherhood series. Enjoy a peek into her life here in Dc and meet her sweet little girl Kenley.  1. How […]

Children, Couples, Families, Stories of Motherhood

December 1, 2017

Kathy -Story of Motherhood |Washington, DC

In the past year I have gotten to know Margaret a lot better and truly treasure our friendship. She is genuine, loyal, and always surprising me with little gifts. She is a lovely example of a true lady. I’m so honored she wrote for the Motherhood series and shared a huge part of her heart. […]

Children, Families, Stories of Motherhood

November 1, 2017

Margaret -Story of Motherhood

Emily and I grew up in the same area and went to high school together. I think it’s safe to say we both have grown up a lot since then. 🙂 It’s been wonderful being able to watch her become a mother. Her energy and positive outlook on life is so inspiring. Enjoy reading her […]

Families, Newborn, Stories of Motherhood

October 1, 2017

Emily -Story of Motherhood

I met Reese about a year ago. I photographed Ethan’s newborn photos and then their holiday cards. I love the way her little family interacts together. They are so casual and calm, yet fun. It’s hard to believe Ethan is one already! Enjoy her Story of Motherhood. I’ve been a mom for 14 months and […]

Families, Stories of Motherhood

September 1, 2017

Reese -Story of Motherhood |Washington, DC

I’m so excited for you all to meet Brooke. She is an incredible mother! She is reserved, soft-spoken, has a terrific laugh and also lives in DC. Enjoy her Story of Motherhood. 1. How has motherhood changed you as a woman? Motherhood has made me more confident in my abilities. I feel like I can […]

Families, Stories of Motherhood

August 1, 2017

Brooke -Story of Motherhood| Washington, DC

Rachel is genuine, creative and so fun. Enjoy her story of Motherhood with photos from the mustard fields. How has Motherhood changed you as a woman?  It has changed what I perceive I am capable of. I remember thinking I wouldn’t know how to care for an infant. A woman’s intuition kicks in and you […]

Stories of Motherhood

July 1, 2017

Rachel -Story of Motherhood, Chambersburg Pa

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