Sylvia- Story of Motherhood | Washington, Dc

I have known Sylvia for several months now. We met through a local church that hosts art classes every Monday morning. She is so soft-spoken, gentle and kind with her daughters. I knew I wanted to feature her for a Motherhood session! I asked her last minute and in two days we mad it happen. Enjoy her Motherhood session filled with sunshine and cherry blossoms.

2017-04-10_0022 1.How has Motherhood changed you as a woman? 

As soon as I found out I was pregnant with my first child, I completely changed. I started becoming the version of me that I wanted to be, yet had been putting off. I became self-less for my children, disciplined, efficient, more conscious, and somewhat patient. I also gained the anxiety that comes with being a mother of two.

2017-04-10_00242017-04-10_00232. What is your full time occupation?
I am a full-time Mom, which I’m sure you know means: Nurse, Teacher, Chef, Chauffeur, Maid, and Disciplinarian among other things.
2017-04-10_00373. Tell us about your family (number of children, the family you were raised in)
I am one of four children, being the second to youngest of two boys and two girls. I also have a large extended family on both sides.
4. What is one family tradition you have raised your family with? 
Our traditions surround holidays. Although every year we have exchanged Valentines, this year my partner and I started the tradition of hand-making our Valentines for the girls. It’s fun and feels more meaningful.
5. What are your “must-haves” as a Mom? 
Calm music for trying times (you can’t lose it while Sade or Enya are playing), my best friend, and a comfortable bed and comforter for those too few hours of sleep.
2017-04-10_00306. What is something you are talented with or passionate about? 
Making stuff out of things. I’m a creative, crafty type. I like to design and sew, decorate, and repurpose things. I’m also a passionate naturalist and environmentalist.
2017-04-10_00277. Any advice for new Mothers?  Just put one foot in front of the other. 2017-04-10_00268. Where do you call home?   Our apartment in downtown Washington, DC.
2017-04-10_00299. What is a favorite past-time you do with your child/children? 
Going to farms to pick fruits in the summer and just playing/exploring in nature.
2017-04-10_002810. What has motherhood taught you? 
 I learned that I am physically capable of much more than I ever thought. I also learned how much you can accomplish in a day- that I really did have all the time I needed before having children. It has also taught me the fullness of the meaning of love.2017-04-10_0035
2017-04-10_0038 11. What is your favorite quote about motherhood? 
I’m sure I’ve heard a lot of great quotes, though I also attribute my lack of short term memory to parenthood. We have a sign hanging on our front door that says “Love is all you need.” We use it as our secret ‘password’ to get into the house, and I think it sums things up nicely.2017-04-10_00362017-04-10_0034-Sylvia
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