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6 Tips To Help Adjust To Moving

My husband and I have moved 5 times in the 5 years we have been married. The adjustments can be really hard especially if you move to another community or state. I came up with a list of things that helped me when I moved to DC.


1. Local Coffee Shop

Most coffee shops have free wifi so if you need to get out of the house or just be around people this is a great option. You can get something to eat and catch up on emails for less than $5. Win win!!

2. Library

This is great especially if you have children. Lots of local, free events are posted at your library. They also host story-time; if you do have children it’s a way to entertain them in a safe evniroment while you can pick a quiet corner to read.

3. U-Tube

I love streaming Christian speakers like Lysa Terkeurst while I wash dishes or do laundry. You can find a lot of great Bible Studies.

4. Local Christian Radio Station

I found Dc’s local station shortly after I moved. There’s something about listening to the same voice that gives a feeling of familiarity-almost like listening to a friend. I can think of  countless times a song came on that I needed to hear right at that exact moment.

5. Local parks

Another great place if you have children! They can run off energy while you take a break. Kids are great conversational pieces:)Before you know it you are talking to neighbors and it can turn into friendships. I don’t have children yet but still love going to the park. The quiet is nice and you always feel better when you hear children laughing.

8. Volunteer

Library, church, or local schools-makes you feel profitable, helps you plug in, and does good for your community.

7. Cell phones and Emails (extra bonus!)

We live in a day age of technology. If you are homesick or lonely-admit it! Call a friend or email them.

And remember: “Wherever your family is; that is home.”


Cupcake/Macaroon Tour in Georgetown

When a few friends from church suggested going on a cupcake/macaroon tour in Georgetown, I was so excited! We walked to all the various shops and learnt some history along the way. 

1. Sprinkles-we sampled their “dark chocolate” cupcake.
2. Thomas Sweet Ice Cream Co.

We sampled their “peanut butter/chocolate” fudge

I love the old-charm of Georgetown. 
3. Macaroon Bee.

A sweet tea shop nestled behind M Street. I sampled their “salted caramel” macaroon. 

4. Dean and Deluca

A market full of colorful fruit and fresh produce. Their “orange cream” macaroon was delightful! 

5. Olivia Macaron.

The “lavender” macaroon was a sweet sensation of sugar and perfume.

                                This is what I really felt like going into the different stores. The

                                  colors and sweets were mesmerizing, for toddlers and adults alike. 

6. Georgetown Cupcakes.

There “red velvet and cream cheese” is a Dc classic. 

I’m so thankful for friends to make wonderful memories with. 


Tuesdays Together

Last night was my first to attend a “Tuesdays Together” meet-up.

The first Tuesday of each month a group of photographers/creatives get together to talk about their businesses and ways we can collaborate together to become better business owners. Some of us were in business for years and others just a few months but it’s amazing what we all can learn from each other.

Abbey was kind enough to host the DC group at Pam’s Studio. 



Pam’s Studio made you feel like you were in Paris-from the chandeliers to the candlesticks.

Thank you so much for leading our group Abbey.

Thank you so much for leading our group Abbey.

Now to process all the jumble in my notes and brain and start applying it to my business.

Now to process all the jumble in my notes and brain and start applying it to my business.


Remember the “Little Moments”

I was visting my sister for the day and offered to bath my little nephew while she got some other work done. As I started running  the water and pouring  in the bubbles his little feet started to kick in anticipation. When the giggles came I grabbed my camera and got one of my favorite shots of all time. The focus isn’t sharp and it may be a bit grainy but it’s “real life”. A stage in life you only get once.

That face!

This is what I love to capture. The simplest task or “every-day moment” turned into a portrait any mother would treasure.

“Children are a gift from The Lord, They are a reward from Him.” Psalm 127:3