Liz |A Classic DC Headshot Session

I’ve recently have done several headshot sessions and loved them! Directing one adult versus a family full of wiggly toddler feels like a walk in the park. I specifically enjoy photographing headshots for creatives. This allows me to mix profession with personality and we always have such a fun time together.

Being able to gather what you look like and who you are as a person and tell your story through photography lights me up! It’s not easy but I do love a challenge. It’s so important when running a business, that your clients know WHO is running the business and fall in love with you as a person and the morals and standards that you stand behind. What better way then to share a photo of YOU on your social media and blog. Faces are powerful in connecting and I don’t mean a cute shot of you looking away laughing, I mean a photo that your followers can looking into your eyes and see you! It can feel a little scary, I know, but so important to your business failing or thriving.

Liz is a fellow DC photographer and we met up one morning to swap headshots. We both are photographers, have auburn hair, fair-skinned and freckles. We walked around the Senate building and Capitol grounds shooting and swapping business tips. Enjoy a few of her creative headshots.

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