Nine Years…and a little about life.

Today we celebrate nine years of marriage. It feels like yesterday we left our farm wedding in that old Ford truck, gifts piled high in the back and hearts excited for the future.

  • 2 years best friends
  • 5 years as co-workers
  • 5 moves
  • 4 years home-owners
  • 7 years living in DC
  • 3 months of intense home renovations

We have done so much together and each year I love him more. It’s the “weathering” that makes relationships better. When something stands the test of time, it becomes “normal.” Safer. We both have gray hairs now and a lot of dreams yet to fulfill, but we are full. Happy. And still best friends.


This is us, nine years in. Knee deep in house renovations. If there is one thing Daniel has shown me, it would be to work hard. To sacrifice for something bigger, to wait well and not complain in the process. I’ll admit, the other night as I walked across the gritty floor and crawled into bed with grit between the sheets and everything in the room had a layer (or 7!) of dust on it, I complained ALOT. He challenged me to stop, gain perspective and keep going. He grounds me in the best way possible. Sometimes I fight the process, but he loves me just the same.

Happy Anniversary Daniel!

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