A resource list for woman struggling with infertility

This week is infertility awareness week. I love sharing my story, not because I’m proud of it or would have even written it this way, but I love how it shows the blessing of surrender, joy in sorrow, personal growth and the deep, deep love of Jesus.

Here are a few resources I have found incredibly encouraging over the years, I hope you find the same.


Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet 


Mercy Like Morning -this is written by a Mother who waited 10 years for a child. While she shares bits of her story, her mail focus is teaching us how to study the scripture and see into the heart of Jesus.

Longing for Motherhood -This is the story and struggle of a wonderful woman, I was recently gifted this book and highly recommend it.

These are two books that I would suggest gifting a friend who has gone through pregnancy loss, it’s so hard to express ourselves in difficult situations but a thoughtful gift can speak volumes and be a huge encouragement:

Loved Baby 

Grieving the Child I never Knew 


Joy and Infertility -such a wonderful podcast. Even scrolling the website and seeing the other woman’s faces was an encouragement to me.

The Joyful Mourning -a lovely podcast for any grieving mother

The Happy Hour -just hearing other woman’s stories has helped me realize the blessings I have been given and cultivates a heart of gratitude, also realizing their are many forms of pain in the world.

Daily Grace -discussions on daily life and how to strengthen your friendship with the Lord.

Risen Motherhood -this might seem strange but hearing other Mother’s talk about their daily sacrifices shows me the freedom I have…again gratefulness makes all the difference.


Waiting for Baby Bird

Sarah’s Laughter -this is a tremendous resource

Personal Habits: 

  • Find a support group -this was so helpful for me to talk with other woman who understand in a deep and personal way
  •  Join a local Bible study -I knew I needed this in my life. We live a long way from church and I was needing challenged on an “everyday” level. I also love I get to meet with other Christian woman who live in the same area as me.
  • Prioritize Quiet Time -when I really started spending time with the Lord and searching His heart, my own heart softened in ways I never new it needed to.
  • Pray -By this I mean pray like you are speaking to Jesus face to face. At first it felt awkward to me, like I wasn’t respectful, but it has changed my prayer life.

                  “To have joy, we must have peace; and that usually takes suffering and surrender.”

-Jessica Burdge

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