How to Backup and Store Your Photos

I know this isn’t a fun or exciting topic but today we are talking about why and how you should back up your photos. We are in the age where it’s incredibly easy to share your photos -with google drives, dropbox and iPhones-with family and friends. But things happen, I had my computer hard drive fail once, and we need to ensure that our memories are safe, in multiple locations. Here are several ways I back up (save) my clients photos and they also give me easy access to their galleries at any time. 

  1. There are many sharing sites these days but I narrowed my favorites down to two: PASS and Pic-time. I have used PASS for years-and loved it-but I recently switched to Pic-time because it also gives my clients a store option. This gives them the freedom to order prints and albums if they want and allows me to increase sales per session. If you are interested in trying out Pic-time here is a coupon code: CODE. 
  2. I have several external hard drives I use. I have a large one for my iMAC and use this portable one for my laptop. While I have an iMAC I use my laptop for editing 99% of the time. I’m on the go most days and it’s so easy to drop my laptop and drive in my purse and run out the door. 🙂
  3. Storage sites like Dropbox or iCloud. I recommend only storing your favorite photos so it doesn’t look overwhelming and makes images easier to find. If you want to learn how to sort your photos read this blog post.
  4. My last way to save photos are by hard copies. This means either prints or albums. I have lost several digital files over the years and am so thankful I had those photos printed. There is something special about holding a tangible photos in your hands that gives it worth and value. My mother keeps a little “brag book” in her purse of all her grandchildren to show to family and friends when they ask about them. What Grandma doesn’t love talking about her grand-babies?!

I hope you found this series helpful and if you have any questions, feel free to comment below.

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