How to Print Family Photos -Stress Free

So once you have your photos organized into their folders by date and event, it gets much easier to have them printed and put into albums. Gone are the days of scrapbooking and spending endless hours organizing your printed photos. Now you have wonderful online options to quickly get your beloved photos into a place where you can enjoy them with your family.

Remember how I said to make a “Year Folder” with only your favorite images in it? 50-100 is the about the right number. In late December or early January, you can go to your folder and drop those images into your online source that you use for creating albums. Most labs have the option of just plugging them into pages without any hassle but if you are more hands-on (like me), you can organize and custom design the album just how your like it.

Here are a few good online album labs:

Low cost: MPix, Shutterfly, Snapfish

Excellent quality: MillersZNOArtifact Uprising (they have lovely colors to choose from) I love these quality of books, where children can browse the pages frequently but they last for years; becoming family heirlooms.

Another wonderful option is Chatbooks. This is where your Instagram hashtags come into play as you organize your photos. You have the option of plugging in your “family hashtag” and only printing those photos. For example, if you used the hashtag #themillerfamily2019 then all those photos you tagged with that specific tag will be printed. If you post everyday but only want to print 60 photos from your year, all you have to do it type out your specific hashtag and voila! It only picks and prints those photos with your specific “print” hashtag.

You can choose from Facebook, Instagram, or Google Photos. You can also set it up where they will auto ship a book to you every 60 photos. So if you post a photo once a week you can receive a photo book (hard or soft cover) every two months. Children love this option! They adore snuggling on the couch with you as they flip through photos of themselves as you tell stories. It creates such special moments and also organizes your photos and get them OFF your phone or computer and into your hands. Tangible memories are the long lasting ones.

If albums look too overwhelming try something simple like fridge photo magnets. You reach into your fridge many times in a day and what better way to brighten yourself than looking at your family’s faces. Be sure to include Grandparents and little friends in these frames as well. It will make your child’s day, over and over.

Another fun way to display family art is printing engineer prints. I have ordered my through Staples before. I only order black and white photos. They are printed on light paper so they aren’t very sturdy and color looks cheap. You can print an 11/14 for $3! This allows you to switch out prints on a friendly budget and also make a statement with large prints. Just buy a beautiful frame and you are all set.

I truly hope this inspires you to print your family photos to enjoy tangible memories.



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