Ladies Event for Infertility

This day has been in my heart for several years now. When we first started to process our journey with infertility I remember browsing the web for any blogs or resources that would help me process my feelings. At that point I couldn’t find much and slowly started to share with others about it. I quickly had a group of woman who would reach out to ask questions for themselves, or how to comfort a friend or even make sense of secondary-infertility.

I dreamt of hosting a small event where woman would gather in a beautiful room to share their stories. Stories of loss, pain and barrenness. My prayer was that Jesus would come and fill the room and in the midst of our stories, grace would be extended, pain embraced and hope would be born.

Last Friday we finally met in person at a beautiful art studio in Fairfax, Virginia. We came from all over-Texas, Ohio, Florida, and even Washington State-with very different stories. My twin sister drove from West Virginia and helped with all the work that goes on behind the scenes.

I have found-even in the mist of our pain-we can find beauty, hope and peace. Enjoy this peak into our day. I plan to share what I spoke on in a future blog post.

“To find joy you need peace, and usually that takes suffering and surrender.” -Jessica Burdge

Venue: Pamela’s Art Studio

Catering: Panera

Watercolor Artist: Hushwing

Infertility Resources: 

Blogs: Liz Marie, Alissa Saylor, Chelsea Sobilik, Jane Johnson

Books: Mercy like Mornings, Every Bitter Thing is Sweet, Longing for Motherhood

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