Friday Favorites| Washington, DC Photo Locations

For all you local photographers or moms looking for several great DC photo locations; here are a few of my favorites. It can be hard to get a location without a lot of people or that require expensive permits. I want to share several scenic yet child-friendly photo locations here in the district.

  1. Upper Senate Park

This is on top of my list. It isn’t busy and does not require a permit. You have a stunning view of the Capitol and a lovely park with lawn, trees, and a gorgeous fountain.

2. US Capitol Grounds 

The white architecture is simple gorgeous and all the white reflects the light so well. The guards are always so friendly but do remember not to place any bags or things on the ground. If you pack light you-the photographer-can carry all the bags while you photograph your clients.

3. The Smithsonian 

The Smithsonian gardens are always perfectly manicured. They offer fountains, trees, and hidden walkways, the perfect family location. They tend to be a big crowded. You can tell below but I was shooting through people ever 2 seconds to get the shot. If your clients don’t mind a bit of chaos or have older children, it’s a great location! Or you can opt to go early in the morning.

4. Library of Congress

Quickly becoming my go-to spot. If you schedule your session early, you most likely will have the place to yourself. It offers winding stair cases, marble backdrops and French inspired lampposts. It’s only a 10 minute walk from Upper Senate Park and 5 minute walk to the Capitol.

5. City Center 

This defiantly has an urban feel to it-which I love! Upscale storefronts with strung lights and busy streets.

6. Crispus Attucks Park 

This little park in nestled in the Bloomingdale neighborhood. It’s small and you almost miss it but what a gem! It has blooming trees during the spring and summer. Lots of green space. A perfect location for family photos.

7. Yards Park 

This location offers so many backdrops. Water views, a white bridge, storefronts, and green space. Ever wanted a picnic family session? This is your spot!

I hope these suggestions give you a few more options for family photos or just spark a new place to explore our city.

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