The Weaver Family -Pittsburgh, PA

This little family means the world to Daniel and I. We spent a weekend in Pittsburgh and they took us to several of their favorite spots in the city. We took family photos on the Hot Metal Bridge as the sun set then headed to Mount Washington. It was well past sunset and getting pretty dark but Heidi and I had high hopes of grabbing a few shots of  the city lights. It was lovely and the perfect backdrop for the last photo.

Washington_DC_Photographer_0027 Washington_DC_Photographer_0028 Washington_DC_Photographer_0037 Washington_DC_Photographer_0035 Washington_DC_Photographer_0042 Washington_DC_Photographer_0050 Washington_DC_Photographer_0029 Washington_DC_Photographer_0038 Washington_DC_Photographer_0039 Washington_DC_Photographer_0040 Washington_DC_Photographer_0033 Washington_DC_Photographer_0034 Washington_DC_Photographer_0032 Washington_DC_Photographer_0043 Washington_DC_Photographer_0046 Washington_DC_Photographer_0045 Washington_DC_Photographer_0041 Washington_DC_Photographer_0047 Washington_DC_Photographer_0044 Washington_DC_Photographer_0049 Washington_DC_Photographer_0048 Washington_DC_Photographer_0031 Washington_DC_Photographer_0030

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