The Schrock Family |Upper Senate Park, DC

It’s always a treat to photograph Alfy, Anita and their children. There’s sure to be lots of laughs, hugs and giggles. We met on a warm afternoon at Upper Senate Park where the children could run and play while we snuck in a few portraits here and there. Children love to feel like they are playing during photos sessions and they even got to dip their toes into the fountain for a bit. Enjoy this sweet family of four.

Washington_DC_Photographer_0583 Washington_DC_Photographer_0585 Washington_DC_Photographer_0610 Washington_DC_Photographer_0584 Washington_DC_Photographer_0586 Washington_DC_Photographer_0587 Washington_DC_Photographer_0588 Washington_DC_Photographer_0590 Washington_DC_Photographer_0591 Washington_DC_Photographer_0592 Washington_DC_Photographer_0593 Washington_DC_Photographer_0594 Washington_DC_Photographer_0596 Washington_DC_Photographer_0597 Washington_DC_Photographer_0598 Washington_DC_Photographer_0600 Washington_DC_Photographer_0602 Washington_DC_Photographer_0601 Washington_DC_Photographer_0599 Washington_DC_Photographer_0603 Washington_DC_Photographer_0604 Washington_DC_Photographer_0608 Washington_DC_Photographer_0605 Washington_DC_Photographer_0606 Washington_DC_Photographer_0607 Washington_DC_Photographer_0609

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