Brooke -Story of Motherhood| Washington, DC

I’m so excited for you all to meet Brooke. She is an incredible mother! She is reserved, soft-spoken, has a terrific laugh and also lives in DC. Enjoy her Story of Motherhood.
Capitol_Hill_Newborn_Photographer_01421. How has motherhood changed you as a woman? Motherhood has made me more confident in my abilities. I feel like I can do anything after an all natural birth. Women can really do anything!    Capitol_Hill_Newborn_Photographer_0158           2. What is your full time occupation? Full time stay-at-home mom.Capitol_Hill_Newborn_Photographer_01463. Tell us a little about your family…My husband, Justin, and I both come from close southern families. Our grandparents come from the same small town, Cherry, North Carolina. Crazy right?! Don’t worry we aren’t related.Capitol_Hill_Newborn_Photographer_01414. What is one tradition you have raised your family with? We try to have breakfast and dinner everyday as a family. It doesn’t always work with Justin’s schedule but we try. Sometimes it’s just us blurry eyed, having tea while Rose runs around the house like a crazy toddler. Capitol_Hill_Newborn_Photographer_01535. What are your “must-haves” as a Mom? Black clothing, it hides stains; everything from sticky fingers to a bloody lip at the playground. Capitol_Hill_Newborn_Photographer_01496. What is something you are interested in or passionate about? Currently all my energy and passion has gone into creating a positive, safe and empowering space for my family. My husband and I moved to DC to grow our careers. The moment we found out I was pregnant everything changed. The past 3 years has been about creating a home and building a community for us.Capitol_Hill_Newborn_Photographer_01577. Any advice for new mothers? Speak to your child like an adult. Even if babies are too young to comprehend conversation, I believe talking to them in a normal, measured voice shows respect and teaches them maturity at a young age. Capitol_Hill_Newborn_Photographer_01568. Where do you call home? We got very lucky and found a beautiful apartment in Capitol Hill. Rose was almost born in the claw foot tub in our bathroom. Our home is tiny and has its own charm, but I’m never leaving.Capitol_Hill_Newborn_Photographer_01479. What is a favorite past-time you do with your child? Rose is at the age where she is starting to enjoy coloring and drawing. We can lay on the floor and draw all day. I believe she might be better at it than me. We also really love to dance and sing! She is quite the show woman and can dance anytime, anywhere! I’m a little more reserved.Capitol_Hill_Newborn_Photographer_0150Capitol_Hill_Newborn_Photographer_014810. What has motherhood taught you? Motherhood has really taught me to be self aware. I now choose my words more carefully and watch my body language. You never truly know the effects of your actions and words on a stranger. Capitol_Hill_Newborn_Photographer_015111. What is your favorite quote on motherhood? “If it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen out there.” More of a life motto than a motherhood related quote but it could work. My father, brother and I share this life motto.Capitol_Hill_Newborn_Photographer_0144

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