Janet -Cherry Blossom Maternity

Janet is an incredible mother. She has taught me a lot about balance between family and work; keeping quality time together without distractions. We took several portraits of her and Laurel together before the next little one is born. I love the connection they have between mother and daughter. Enjoy a few of my favorites under the Cherry Blossoms by the Tidal Basin.

2017-03-30_0001 2017-03-30_0002 2017-03-30_0003 2017-03-30_0004 2017-03-30_0011 2017-03-30_0005 2017-03-30_0010 2017-03-30_0009 2017-03-30_0007 2017-03-30_0012 2017-03-30_0008 2017-03-30_0006

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