Generations -including Grandparents in Portraits

So many of my clients have been asking if Grandparents are welcomed to join in on family or newborn sessions. The answer: Yes! I adore capturing those moments. Sometimes we plan specific time for these photos and other times they happen last minute but end up being some of my favorites. There’s just something about when a Grandma or Grandpa enters the room. They give undivided attention to Grandchildren and add such a soft touch to the scene. The pride and love for their family simply shines through. Enjoy a few of my favorite 3 generation photos.

2017-03-17_0002 2017-03-17_0007 2017-03-17_0006 2017-03-17_0001 2017-03-17_0008 2017-03-17_0009 2017-03-15_0020 2017-03-15_0021 2017-03-15_0022 2017-03-17_0003 2017-03-17_0005 2017-03-17_0004

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