Sunday Evenings on the Farm

When Danny and I lived in Pa we would usually spend Sunday lunch with his parents and Sunday evenings with mine. This past Sunday we spent the afternoon and evening at the farm. It was summer at it’s finest, complete with home-made ice cream and a rowdy game of crochet.


There’s something so inviting about Mother’s front porch. I dream of having a swing on ours one day.


Grandpa (my dad) started a batch of ice cream before we headed to the berry patch. Anyone else like to lick the salty ice when they were little?

2016-08-11_0025 2016-08-11_0026

The blackberries are in season and the children walked the rows eating till their hearts content…

2016-08-11_0002 2016-08-11_0005

This is what I love most about Sundays…everyone relaxed and catching up.


There were lots of munchkins to snuggle.

2016-08-11_0003 2016-08-11_0004 2016-08-11_0008 2016-08-11_0006 2016-08-11_0007 2016-08-11_0022 2016-08-11_0011 2016-08-11_0010 2016-08-11_0009 2016-08-11_0012 2016-08-11_0020

I adore our parents are good friends. They wondered why I’d ever want a photo of all four of them together. I hope to find a lovely frame for it in our house and pass it on to our children one day.


After supper the children played while some of us adults started a game of crochet.

2016-08-11_0021 2016-08-11_0019 2016-08-11_0014 2016-08-11_0016  I miss the barn siloughette while the crickets sing with family close by at times, but Dc is home.


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