An old map, Coins, and Contentment.


Discontentment. Sometimes it creeps into my life in small, subtle ways and before I know it; it steals my joy.


A few years ago I was bit by the “travel bug”. If any of you suffer from this decease you know what I am talking about. I did some VS in Haiti, traveled to Guatemala and El Salvador my senior year, and toured Puerto Rico with my husband. Danny and I try to fly somewhere every fall but are in the middle of buying a house and pinching pennies.

To my shame, discontentment crept in. I don

To my shame, discontentment crept in. I don’t know why! I have any thing I could possible need and much, much more: a loving husband, good job, great church, supportive friends, and most importantly a Savior who rescued me.


It amazes me how the simplest things can become great lessons. I was counting out the registers one evening last week and found 5 different coins from 5 different countries and I thought to myself: I’m experiencing the world right here! God placed me in this exact spot in the world to shine for Him and in the process I meet so many wonderful people. It may seem simple but today I’m thankful and working harder everyday to be content. Camera: a friend found it at a thrift store Pen: a gift from friends while in Paris Vintage Map: I snagged at a pawn shop in Philly

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