A gas station. A stranger. And a choice.

A gas station. A stranger. And a choice.

“what you have done unto the least of these, you have done unto ME”

Any of us would do something big for God right? I find the small, inconvenient things are the true tests.One Friday evening I was walking home from work. I glanced at the gas station I was passing and saw a girl-wearing a skirt with high heals and clutching her purse-giving every indication she was scared and lost. Four to six guys were there loitering like they always do. I had a quick thought to stop and help; but I listened to all the voices in my head:

“It’s getting late”-it was only 8:30

“It could be dangerous”-I walk this street every day

“I need to get home”-Danny wasn’t going to be home for a few hours

Shamefully I walked on by!

By the the time I reached the next light I couldn’t take it anymore and turned around. When I made it to her she was almost panicked. I asked if she needed help. She was on her way to the Theatre to take a class, her phone wasn’t working and she was completely lost.

“I’m going to kill my professor!” she laughed nervously as she showed me the address.

It just so happened my phone was on the blink too. I didn’t have a clue where the theatre was and knew she was heading towards a bad section of town so I offered to walk her there.

Within 15 minutes I had her there, we had a nice chat, I made sure she had fare for her cab and was on my way.

I probably made it home  in half the time I usually do because my feet felt so light!  How many times do I walk right past a chance to show Jesus?

Oh and I saved a professor’s life 🙂

Luke 11:5-13

Have a great week everyone!

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