Friday Favorites -Washington, DC

Hi Friends!

Here’s another collection of random things I’ve been enjoying lately. If you have anything you want to share with me, I’d love to see them in the comments below. It’s so fun seeing what you all are up to as well.

Farmer’s Flame Candles -this time of year I love waking up, starting my tea and immediately lighting a candle or two. My friend, Margaret, makes these lovely soy candles and I adore them. Especially when they are in a warm amber jar.

B and W salve -A week ago I burnt myself pretty badly on the stove at work. We might take a life session from this-not to talk on the phone with your husband while working on the stove-but anyway….an Instagram friend sent this salve to me and honestly, I felt relieve in the same hour. I’ve put it on everyday since to help with the scaring.

White Costco Pillows -I knew I wanted large, square, white pillows for the couch but have looked high and low or the right ones. I had bought a pair at TJMaxx and wasn’t thrilled with them. I was walking the isle of Costco and saw these. They. Are. Perfect. Also, so comfy to curl up with after a long day’s work.

Costco Pot Pie -I don’t have the link for this but oh my….Daniel and I love their pot pie. It’s the perfect fall meal and one will literally give us 3-4 meals.

Pumpkin Bread and Fall Teas -I made several loaves of pumpkin bread last week and it was so good. Half the fun is smelling it while it bakes. You pull it out of the oven and boil some cinnamon-apple tea. Fall perfection!

Daniel’s dinners -since we are on a food theme, I just have to say I’ve been enjoying my husband’s meals. The other day I got home from several sessions and he had roasted chicken, gravy and fresh biscuits waiting me! I felt incredibly spoiled and I’m so grateful one of us is talented with cooking. 🙂

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