Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is just around the corner so I wanted to share a few of my favorite gift ideas. I’ve always been very sentimental so I love anything that has memories tied to it-heirlooms that last a lifetime.1.I came across this lovely website “Write to Me” that sells baby journals. They are absolutely gorgeous and an incredible gift to give your children with your handwriting and stories to keep forever. I try to write two letters a week to friends and family, and love when I see different ideas of how to keep the art alive.

2. I have been following this mama for awhile online and when she shared her new locket, I knew I wanted to add it to the list for you! It’s a lovely gold and you can put your babies’ photo inside. Gorgeous. Classic. And so personal.

3. If your mother doesn’t live close by, even a card can mean a lot. I’ve seen the LovePop cards around but until I was gifted one myself, I didn’t realize how special they are! They are so intricate and feminine and a little surprise when you open them. The perfect touch for Mother’s Day.

4. I have had the Cluse gold watch for years and love it! It’s the perfect addition to any outfit and very comfortable. I wear it to dressy occasions and work every day and it holds up so well.

5. I use my neck wrap almost every day. Mothers do a lot in a day and don’t have much time fore self-care. Neck wraps are a quick way to relax, just a few minutes in the microwave and you have ten wonderful minutes of refreshment.

6. One of my friends (mother of three) has said how much she loves Instacart. This is a great gift option especially for new mothers. You can order a one time delivery or sign them up for a year. Going to the grocery store with little ones can take up half your day and feel overwhelming, this is a wonderful way to get grocery delivered straight to your door.

7. Cleaning gift card -this doesn’t have to be a weekly thing but even a one time gift for someone to come in and just clean bathrooms can feel so good to a new or overwhelmed mother.

8. Massage -we all struggle with self-care but if we are given a gift card we tend to make sure we take advantage of it. A massage gift-card is wonderful for a new mother or even as a baby shower gift for those last few weeks of maternity.

9. For any busy mother with little children the ergo carrier is a lifesaver! It frees up your hands to do everyday work but keeps your baby close and happy. Here’s another great option and a little cheaper. The best thing about this gift is they will last for all your children. They are sturdy and wear well.

10. Treasuring Christ when Your Hands are Full 

11. As You Grow baby book.

12. Motherhood photo session -of course I had to mention this option! A photo session gift card would be priceless to me. It creates memories and documents this stage in your family. I adore family sessions but motherhood sessions are fast becoming my favorite. It’s a relaxed time with mother and children where they read books, twirl outside in their barefeett or snuggle in the comfort of their own home.

To all you mamas out there…Happy Mother’s Day. And THANK YOU for sacrificing, for nurturing and loving your little ones; our next generation. You are leaving an endless legacy.

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