Karissa -DC Maternity Photographer

Maternity photos are so special to photograph. The expectation and excitement of new parents (especially first-time parents) is always a joy to capture. It’s lovely when parents opt to take maternity photos together for a last few documented moments just as a couple. I understand why some women wouldn’t choose too; you never know how you will feel and everything is so new. But there are a few things that you can do to help make the session go smoothly.

  • I always recommend taking them outdoors. This relaxes everyone and really has a huge impact on how your photos turn out because of how you feel during your session. Go to a local park, museum or any place that already holds some memories for you.
  • Don’t wait too long during your pregnancy; I suggest 25-30 weeks. This allows your bump to show well but you aren’t too uncomfortable yet.
  • Choose comfortable clothing. I always suggest a long dress for the mother. Dresses add movement to your photos, can hang loosely for comfort and gives your photos a classic touch.
  • Have fun! This is the last photo session just the two of you. Enjoy the time you have together. Maybe make it a date night and go out to a special restaurant afterwards. This will add to your memories together which make your photos all the more valuable.


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