The Schnell Family |Washington, DC Family Photographer

I commend any parent who makes it a priority to photograph their family. Let’s be honest though…two and three-year-olds can be hard and unpredictable. So much depends on if they had a nap, if they are hungry, what mood they happen to be in and sometimes you can be tempted to wonder if it’s even worth the hassle…? It is!

That’s where hiring someone you trust, with experience, becomes so important. Make it as stress free as possible for your clients. Instead of forcing children to sit and smile, interact with them. Ask what is their favorite animal, show them something nearby like a bird or flower, ask them to give high-five and “help you.” I make it a priority to take several portraits of just Mom and Dad. This is a great way to give children a break and let them make their parents smile. It gives them something to do and most importantly makes them feel important. To all you Mama’s who long for photos but aren’t sure if it’s worth it….do your research. Find someone you trust and create some beautiful memories with your sweet family.

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