How to Collaborate with Bloggers

Collaborations can be tricky but also if done properly, can be invaluable to both parties. Even knowing where to start can feel intimidating but it’s pretty easy. You can use Google, Pinterest, or Instagram as a search engine to locate bloggers near you. You want them to be local so you can both utilize each other’s platforms to connect with future clients that live in your area. Geotags are great for this! I went onto Instagram and typed in “dc blogger” and literally hundreds popped up. This is where mindfulness can play a big part to whether or not your collaboration will be a success.

  1. Make sure you ideals and styles align. You most likely won’t have the same personalities but do make sure your values and view of your community/industry are similar. This is the beauty of online profiles; you can learn so much if a person shares a lot of their life online. Hello Instagram stories! 🙂
  2. Your next step is to reach out. This can feel very awkward and intrusive to just direct message a stranger but you can make it fun and personal. I would try 3-5 because chances are one will be out of town, another miss the message, and one not interested. This usually leaves you with 2 options in the end.
  3. Be considerate of their time. Ask them what time of day works best to connect. Everyone has a preferred way to communicate. Whether it is email, phone, FaceTime, or text; they will be most comfortable and grateful if you ask which are theirs.
  4. Once they have agreed to work with you (YAY!) be sure to go over every detail. This builds trust between you and ensures there are no surprises in the future. For example for me- between photographer and blogger-we discussed style, wardrobe, location and how many mentions we want to share on social media.

It’s amazing how this can benefit your clients. I am a family and newborn photographer so I can recommend a mired of things: pediatrician, doula, indoor play locations, prenatal workout studios, the best playgrounds in DC….the list can go on and on. When you are a source of connection and helpful to your client, it deepens their trust in you. Do be sure to recommend only places and people you trust because when you recommend someone, you want your name and brand will be affected positively.

So what are the advantages of collaborations? Each party had worked hard to grow their audience and served their clients well. They can then come together and recommend each other’s services and if your clients trust you they are much more likely to use someone they have a connection with. This also allows you to widen your clientele and areas you work in. It’s a great example of community over competition. If done properly everyone can benefit!

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