Cozy Gift Ideas

Cozy in the new rage right now and I’m all in!

I wanted to give you a list of my favorite, cozy items that I always have on hand.


1. If there is one thing that can make a room cozy it is candles. The flame is so welcoming and adds a homey touch. There is always the fear of having a flame around children or forgetting it overnight so these flameless pillar candles are a safe option. They come with a remote and flicker just like a real wick. It helps for them to look real if you get the actual WAX flameless candles.

Pillar Candles 

2. What is it about Men’s clothing that is so comfy? I tried on Daniel’s hat he ordered form Five Four and haven’t given it back yet. This hat is similar and so soft, but still protects your ears from the wind. The pom pom on top gives it a feminine touch.

Cable Knit Hat

3. If my feet are cold then I tend to freeze! I love the look of moccasins and even have worn them outside several times. Paired with wool socks, I am set for the winter!


This pair is definitely a splurge but I have heard great reviews on the Ugg brand.

Ugg Slippers 

I was also in Old Navy the other day and looked at their slippers-a more budget friends choice but still a great option!

Old Navy Slippers

4. I bought my first pair of wool socks last year after hearing my Father-in-law rave about them. He has put them on his Christmas list for the past 8 years….now I know why! I love them. It’s about the only thing that keeps my feet warm during the winter. They tend to be pretty thick so they feel extra soft when I walk about the house.
Wool Socks

5. Daniel bought me a pair of Hunter boots for Christmas several years ago and I use them for everything, from cutting the lawn, rain, or snow. They hold up really well and are very comfortable. I have the knee hight boots but would recommend the shorter ones linked below.

Hunter Boots

6. One thing my Mother has gifted us children for years is a cozy throw. I love pulling my cozy comforters out, they add a warmth to the room but also doubles at winter decor. There are so many to choose from but this one was pretty with the gray hues. I’ve wanted one of these bulky cable knit blankets for a long time but just haven’t took the plunge yet. There are so many options on Easy but I love this color.

Cozy Throws 

Bulky Cable Kit Blanket

7. I love it when I have the option of personalizing a gift for someone. It feels like you care more and I like receiving gifts with monograms or the first letter of my name. The first link is from Amazon but Anthropology has several options and in a great price rage too!

Personalized Mug

Monogrammed Anthropology Mug

8. I was waiting on the launch date for this book and so excited when it arrived. It’s the perfect winter read and is a great option for your living room side table to add a cozy touch. Also Joanna Gains recently launched a book about being home. I can’t wait to read that one as well, but it will have to go on my list for now.

Cozy Minimalist Home


9. I use my wrap almost every night. I always have cold feet so I heat it in the microwave before we go to bed and then just lay it across my feet-it helps me sleep so much better!

 Neck wraps

10. I wear dresses all the time so it can get a bit cold in the winter. I try to layer with leggings underneath. Wearing them everyday, they typically don’t last long. I bought a pair last year from The Skirt Outlet and they are my favorite so far.

Cotton Leggings 

Enjoy and be sure to share with me what you fall in love with!

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