Slow down and savor

“Home is the place where struggles may be admitted and loneliness acknowledged. It is a place where it is safe to admit how difficult, how dark, how lonely the world sometimes is. But it’s also the ground in which those sorrows are sheltered and softened. Where, the alchemy of welcome and acceptance, good food and conversation, candlelight and laughter, hope and even gratitude grow.” -Sally Clarkson

Why is it, in a world of having everything at our fingertips; we are in the constant crave for more? More things to do, more places to go, and more cloths to wear. It’s like the more we get, the more frantic we are to get more and “be” more. The chase is endless and frankly…can wear a body out. Sometimes I get caught up in the rush of “busy”, but there are moments that bring me back. Give me focus, and show me what truly matters in life.

Several weeks ago Daniel and I visited some of our good friends in Lancaster, PA. I thought several times throughout the day of what was valued: good food, relaxation, and the privilege of true friendships. Also, the fact that it doesn’t just happen. We have to put thought and effort into prioritizing what matters most to us.

We sat around the table for lunch on the front porch. We lingered long over coffee and dessert. Then we sat by the pond and the children convinced the adults to fish and go for a dip in the water. We reminisced about our teenage years and had a few good laughs. It was the kind of slow day that nourished the body and soul. As we drove back to the city, we both felt refreshed, and so very thankful.

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