Fall Favorites

My family has never celebrated Halloween, but we do love fall! Here are just a few fall staples I love to have each year.

  1. Booties 

I love a comfortable pair of ankle boots-preferably if they are a camel brown. This pair I bought thrifted and I can wear them with almost any outfit.

2.  A Jean Jacket 

Some jean can feel rough and stiff but this jacket is the softest! I also bought this thrifted. It’s amazing what all you can snatch for a good price.

3. Military Vest

I wear my army green vest almost every other day in the fall. It’s the perfect green (it can be paired with a striped, rose or jean dress) and so practical too. Here is a link to a similar one to mine from Target. Mine was thrifted -sorry ladies- but I think it came from Target as well. I love the zipper and wear it open and closed depending if I layer it and the two large pockets in the front-perfect for keys and your phone.

4. Oil Diffuser

My friend gifted me an oil diffuser for my birthday this year and I love it. I’m pretty picky when it comes to scents but I use the lavender for our bedroom. I also use peppermint oil for when I travel. I keep a roll-on bottle in my purse and dab a few drops on my wrists to help with car sickness.

5. Fresh Pressed Cider

Where I grew up in Pa, you could buy fresh cider anytime during the fall. In DC it’s harder to find, especially unpasteurized. (which tastes worlds different!) This week I visited my Mom and she had hot spiced cider to sip in the evening….everything I think of when the weather starts to cool.

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