Jensen -Manassas Newborn Photographer

  1. Bethany Kipps says:

    Such a delightful little family! Excellent work as always Jessica. 

  2. Nicole Schrock says:


  3. Brianna Byler says:

    Beautiful pictures! Love this sweet family! You captured emotions so well!

  4. Lisa says:

    These are just lovely! Love your photography!

  5. Ruth Miller says:

    Absolutely love all of these. ….feel so much love in all the pix.  Great work with all the littles.

  6. Kitty says:

    These are awesome pics. 

  7. susan says:

    these are so adorable,I hope everyone of these gets turned into a canvas!!!!

  8. Ganene says:

    I love that you can feel the love between these humans and see each one od their distinct personalities in these pictures! welcome to the world and the family, baby Jensen! ❤

  9. Merry Yoder says:

    So delightful! I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time — in a GOOD way! 

  10. Delilah says:

    Such cute and adorable pictures! 

  11. Jenell says:

    What a sweet little guy! 
    You capture the emotions and love that surround him so well!  Such priceless pictures! 

  12. Shirleen Yoder says:

    Precious pictures!

  13. Becca Coblentz says:

    I love the yawn! Those have to be captured, they can’t just be arranged or placed. And I love how the older siblings get to be part of the photo shoot, they ALL get to share the excitement and take ownership in the new baby. Great work!!

  14. Dorcas says:

    Beautiful!!! Great pictures! New babies are a blessing!

  15. Carissa says:

    Lovely photos of a beautiful family!

  16. Brandon Nisly says:

    Adorable little buddy! 

  17. Amber says:

    So beautiful!!! I LOVE all these pictures! 

  18. Gina says:

    I love that the children have red hair! Such a welcome for a sweet baby!

  19. Lynnette says:

    Like them all, but I think 6 and 8 are two of my favorites. Jessica always does such a great job!

  20. Matthew Hottle says:

    So schnuck!!!!! What a great family!! 

  21. Yolanda Ramer says:

    What absolutely lovely photos! Precious memories captured! ❤️

  22. Rose says:

    So darling!!

  23. Geneva Miller says:

    These are beautiful! Love the way she captures the moments!!

  24. Juanita says:

    Lovely photos of a lovely family…

  25. Nita says:

    Photos are amazing Jessica. You nail it everytime. Congrats to a lovely family. 

  26. Joy Miller says:

    Beautiful pics! And I adore the red hair!! 😉

  27. Linda says:

    I love this family and these photos! Great job, Jessica!!

  28. Sherilyn says:

    Beautiful photos! I love how the setting is so natural and relaxed. As a result so is the family! ❤️

  29. Carolyn K says:

    I love how you showcase the newborn but also include the rest of the family in your pictures. Alfy and Anita are some special people to our family. 

  30. Thelma says:

    Adorable. Such lovely captures. I love this family. 

  31. LaDawn Lapp says:

    So precious! love the laid back and beautiful feel of these!

  32. Victoria Troyer says:

    So sweet!!!

  33. Jean says:

    Such darling kiddos!

  34. Geneva says:

    I love these pics!! And I really like how you capture the “moments” not just the poses:):)

  35. Aimee says:

    They melt my heart. Every single one! You capture such beautiful moments!

  36. Audrey says:

    Anita, your family is absolutely precious! 

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