The Gathering Event -Fredericksburg, VA

Wednesday I had the privilege of attending The Gathering event hosted by Hope Taylor and Caroline Logan. It is specifically for young ladies in photography business. They were so honest and heartfelt during their speeches, wise beyond their years.

So many times when running a business we have doubts and fears if it will really work, if we were made to do this. One quote that stood out to me, “If you believe in yourself, others will follow.” And this is something I have struggled with in the past year. To take myself seriously as a business woman. To talk about it to others and not play it down like it isn’t a real job. I have a long ways to go but when you know you aren’t the only one, it spurs you forward.

“Don’t disqualify what God has qualified.” -Daniel Floyd

I made plans to ride with two other ladies who were traveling to DC together to Fredericksburg. The night before I messaged them saying I would be 5 minutes early. Well I stopped to grab us all coffee and Starbucks had had a break-in the night before. The manager caught me in line and really needed someone to talk too. I worried about being late but decided taking time for another person was more important. I picked up Celisia just a few minutes later than planned and heading to Kate’s house. I should say, before leaving home I had checked the air in the tires and even added oil to the engine….but forgot to check the gas! We had just crossed the Wilson bridge and ran out of gas. We both were wearing dresses but that didn’t stop us from scaling the barrier on the freeway and we started the trek to get gas. Over an hour later, and lugging 2 gallons of gas in the heat, we were on our way! Both ladies were so gracious to me and we had a great day AND an adventure to tell about.


We still made it for the pre-meetup. We met at an old church, chatted and exchanged headshots. If you have never been to Fredericksburg, it is adorable. Think Charleston, but without the drive and palm trees.

We checked in at 1pm. We were greeted with hugs and drinks. The venue was tucked away with a pond next to it. We each had a swag bag with lots of photography giveaways and coupons…even chapstick!

I immediently hit it off with this sweet Mamma. After talking for awhile we realized we both have twin sisters, with red hair and freckles. Although I can hardly call myself a red-head any more. It has darkened so much since I was a teenager.

Here’s the whole group! They had a full Chipotle bar for dinner. I may have splurged on the sour cream and cheese. I never get enough when I go to the restaurant! 🙂

We closed the night with one more topic and then prayer. We left with refreshed minds and full hearts. I would highly recommend it to any young girl starting out in your business. A huge thanks to Hope and Caroline!

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