5 Tips to get Better Photos of Your Kids

There are several simple tips to improve your photographs at home. Weather you are trying to capture some snapshots of your kiddos at home or posing for a family portrait, these simple tips will help in big ways.

  1. Choose solid colors -it creates less distraction and draws you to the child’s expressions and personality. I love coordinating outfits with floral and checkered clothes but this is my go-to when you want a few photos last minute without much thought put into it.  
  2. Look for anything that reflects light -open windows, bright sidewalks, or light colored stone-driveways. This makes a huge difference by reflecting light back into your children’s face and most importantly; eyes.
  3. Add one thing that is special. For little boys you can add a bowtie or for little girls; braiding their hair adds an extra sweet touch to your photographs. 
  4. Don’t skip the details -eyelashes, dimples, holding siblings hand. These are the moments you don’t want to forget. We always think of getting the “portrait” shot but getting a few details look great in a frame as well. It add a form of art to your walls with a personal touch.
  5. Photograph from a high angle. Sit them down and have them look up-this allows you to see their eyes better and gives their face lots of light. Don’t be afraid to get different angles, take a few up close and then walk 3 steps back and try shooting from there. It completely changes the perspective. 

Have fun! Children sense when Mom is stressed, if you go in with low expectations then you don’t have so much pressure and everyone has fun. Also, let them be silly. Lot’s of times we want children to sit still and look at the camera. When you interact with them or have something special to do, like: new park, zoo, watercoloring, jumping off steps, see who can spy the first flower…..they forget about the camera and you get those true expressions that you know only your child makes.

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