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My newest tool for my photography business is Dubsado. It’s a business management suit for photographers or any entrepreneur really. You can create contracts, send invoices, get paid and create an elevated experience for your clients. I compared a lot of different programs like this and it was by far the best fit for me. Washington_DC_Photographer_0106

I am in no way computer savvy and it was super easy to set up everything from my contracts to my online payment. Instead of dealing with payment in person or worse yet, a client forgetting to pay; this allows your client to pay online before the session takes place. Then when you go to your session the awkward stuff is taken care of and you can concentrate on just having a good time and serving your client well. Washington_DC_Photographer_0108

One of my favorite features is it allows you to customize and brand all your contracts! This is super helpful in elevating your experience. You can choose your colors and input your logo with several options.Washington_DC_Photographer_0109

Here is a little bit about their story…I love supporting other entrepreneurs!

Washington_DC_Photographer_0107I reached out to Dubsado-terrific customer service, by the way!-and they were amazing and offered a 20% discount to you all. Follow the link here: use the code 20%4you. Enjoy!

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