What Dreams are Made of…

So many times I have these unrealistic dreams for my marriage. I dream of walking through lavender fields in France or sitting under the Eiffel Tower splitting a picnic lunch while we watch the lights twinkle. I get thrilled just writing that! Capitol_Hill_Newborn_Photographer_0052

I love to dream and hope for amazing things, that’s part of the fun in life. As woman we are dreamers and romantics, it’s brings tenderness and beauty to the world but we have to manage our expectations. Many times in my marriage when I’m struggling, it’s not because my spouse is failing but because my expectations were too high and unattainable. Sometimes I’m too busy dreaming that I don’t see the perfect moments right in front of me.

The other night Daniel and I were reading before bed when something hilarious happened. We both lay there laughing and laughing, and I wanted to bottle up that moment forever. There was no fancy dinner, Eiffel Tower or twinkling lights, but we were perfectly happy. Content. Safe being just us. That’s worth more to me than any fancy trips or perfect picnics could ever offer.

“For where your heart is, there will your treasure be…”

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