Why Everyone Should Move Away From Their Hometown

When I was asked to move to Dc with my job, my very first reaction was to laugh. I mean, why would I move away from my family, friends, and everything that was familiar? My Mother grew up in this town and so did her Mother and her Grandmother. For generations the people I love the most were born, raised and  died happily here. I won’t lie, I was terrified to leave. But the decision felt right and I was going with the man I love to adventure with the most.  Here are a few things moving away from my hometown has taught me.Capitol_Hill_Newborn_Photographer_0080

 Your world view widens. Naturally a metropolitan city offers more diversity that a small town in Pennsylvania, but I talk with people every day from different countries. There will always be the news and papers to read about things happening in the world but it gives you a dose of perspective when you hear about it from people that call those countries their home.

 You value family more. Just last Sunday Daniel and I went home for a family reunion at the farm. I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. Even just two hours away means you miss a lot of the last minute get-togethers and Sunday dinners at Mom’s. Getting to travel home for several times a year makes it so special. You forget all the little annoyences and just have a good time.

 You step out of your comfort zone. There were so many new things to learn moving to the city. New job, new ways to travel, new people and so many new varieties of food. The cuisine in the city is simple overwhelming and fun! It’s one of our favorite things to do together in the city.

You fear less. After you step out of your comfort zone you have a lot more courage. Big changes don’t look so overwhelming and actually can be fun. This is a lot coming from the girl who used to hate change. We have moved 5 times in the past 7 years. I loved our spacious farm house, one bedroom apartment and now our row house. You learn to adapt better and fear less.

  You find yourself. When you uproot from all that’s “normal” to a whole new place with new people, you learn who you really are. Suddenly no one is putting you in a box and assuming things before they get to know you. You have the freedom to start fresh. For me it made me want to set my values and know who I am as a person even more.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my hometown! But I wouldn’t change how I grew and who I became with moving away for anything. Change still doesn’t come easy for me but it has gotten better and even exciting.

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