Link Tree |the newest tool for my business

By far my favorite social media is Instagram. It can be a little alarming the amount of time and thought we put into those little squares; but if you utilize it correctly it’s an amazing tool for photographers! The best part about Instagram is in our bios. We have one link we can post to direct our followers to find our more about us.


Now we can have several ways to direct to different media and that all changed with Linktree. You can have one link with multiple buttons. Here are a few I chose: A peak into my life-so everyone can see a little more about me as a person. Contact Jessica-you always want as many ways possible for clients to get in touch with you. Take me to the blog-I’m constantly updating my blog with fresh content and want my followers to see. See the website-clients can view my work and know exactly what I specialize in.


This allows your followers to choose different ways to learn more about you, and you have the freedom to choose whichever buttons you want!

Oh and it’s free! Game changer.


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