God cares…

Have you ever wondered why bad things happen?

Why do friends get cancer? Why doesn’t the long-awaited adoption go through? Why do relationships take so much effort and sometimes fail? Why does God allow it all?

Many times my first reaction is to blame God. I mean if He is all-powerful, He could prevent this from happening right? This week I’ve been shown several times that yes, God does allow it; but it was never His plan. He created a perfect world where sickness and hurt were never to exist. His heart aches when He sees His children suffer.


It’s like flowers in the spring time. We can’t see what is happening in the dirt and dark all winter; we see the beauty that comes when they break through the ground and blossom.

It amazes me when God does the same in our lives. He takes the hard times to draw us closer to Him and creates beauty through the brokenness. Whatever dark or hard situation you may be going through friend, let it draw you closer to Jesus this week.

“Before you saw the light of day, I had holy plans for you.” Jeremiah 1:5

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