Deanna -Story of Motherhood | Chambersburg Pa

I’m delighted to have you meet my sister Deanna. It’s been so fun watching my sisters grow as women and Mothers. Enjoy reading her Story of Motherhood.2017-02-12_0001

  1. How has Motherhood changed you as a woman? Motherhood has shown me how selfish I can be, and how much more I need of Jesus.2017-02-12_0008
  2. What is your full-time occupation? Being a wife to Ethan (my wonderful husband) and Mamma to Melchi our son (almost 3) and daughter Magdalena. (1 year old)2017-02-12_00152017-02-12_0014
  3. Tell us about your family… There are eight of us that I call siblings-6 sisters and 1 brother. We grew up on a dairy farm-milking cows with room to explore and imagine. We had a lot of babies we cared for in our home-one I have the privilege to call my brother today. Family, church and Jesus were important aspects of our home. 2017-02-12_0003
  4. What was one family tradition you were raised with? My Dad was a stickler about manners. I well remember some of our lessons! From demonstrating on how not to eat standing up on a chair at the table to just seeing hime live it out. Very important lessons that I use everyday and try to teach our children. 2017-02-12_0007
  5. What are your “must-have’s” as a Mom? Muslin blankets, tommy tippee bottles and most importantly sleep. 2017-02-12_00102017-02-12_0016
  6. What is something you are talented with or passionate about. Photography and Nursing (I am a certified  LPN) 2017-02-12_0018
  7. Any advice for new mothers? Let other people help you that volunteer. Don’t turn down help! 2017-02-12_0013
  8. Where do you call home? Downtown Chambersburg, Pa 2017-02-12_0011
  9. What is a favorite past-time you do with your children? Read stories, sing together, visiting our parents’ farm, going on walk about our neighborhood and talking with our neighbors. 2017-02-12_0012
  10. What has motherhood taught you? Motherhood is a wonderful, terrifying profession! Wonderful receiving hugs, kisses, and love from littles; and terrifying  in that I want to be the mother these little souls need. Being flexible even more is something I am still learning…2017-02-12_0005
  11. What is your favorite quote about motherhood?                                                                                          “Our greatest fear should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter.” Francis Chan 2017-02-12_0009
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