Heidi-Story of Motherhood

I can’t tell you how excited I am to introduce to you: Heidi. One of my very dear friends. We haven’t actually known each other for a terribly long time but became friends through our husbands. We were friends during dating, planning our weddings, her first babies and maturing as wives, women and friends. Enjoy reading her Story of Motherhood.

1) How has motherhood changed you as a woman?
I’m not sure there are any areas that it hasn’t impacted. It has made me less self centered (though I still have miles to go) and helped me realize how much impact my words and actions can have on another person. It’s taken some adjustment to get used to being so very needed- all the time. I never wonder whether I’m loved but it is a little overwhelming at times.

2) Tell us a little bit about your family.                                                                                                                        I’ve been married to my wonderful husband, Brendan, for 6.5 years. We have 3 dear children- two with us and one in Heaven. Aubree and Adelie, our twins, were born very prematurely at which time Aubree went to be with Jesus. Adelie is almost 4 now and such a delightful miracle. Lucas, our sweet, mischievous little boy, is 19 months old. The two adore each other most of the time.


3) Where do you call home?
Home is where my husband and children are. We’ve lived in Chambersburg, PA (where our families are) and in Baltimore, MD but currently, home is in Pittsburgh where my husband is going to school to be a CRNA.2017-01-23_0004

4) What is your full time occupation?
I’m a full time wife and mommy. I also babysit for a dear family 4.5 days a week. Our house is used to the almost- constant noise of children.

5) What is one tradition you were raised with?
While I wouldn’t necessarily call it a tradition, I have very fond memories of evenings at home with my family just relaxing together and listening to audio stories or playing games. This kind of quality family time and enjoying each other’s company is something I hope to continue in my family.2017-01-23_0007

6) What are some of your “must-haves” as a mom?                                                               Coffee. Grace- to give  A baby carrier. Baby wipes stored everywhere for quick, convenient clean up. Snacks – because hungry kids are grumpy kids.

2017-01-23_00087) What is something you are talented with or passionate about?
I don’t really feel accomplished in anything. I do love plants, flowers, and greenery of all kinds and think there are few things quite as therapeutic as working in the dirt and tending to my plants on a sunny day. I’m also passionate about people and having a home where all who enter feel loved and welcomed. I want to grow in hospitality and truly caring for others and meeting their needs.2017-01-23_0009

8) Any advice for new mothers?
Slow down and enjoy every day. Delight in the little joys of today instead of forward to milestones. Find an easy way to jot down the cute things your child does or the funny things they say. These are priceless to look back on.2017-01-23_0010

9) What is your favorite past time to do with your children?
Snuggling and reading stories together or going on walks in the neighborhood.2017-01-23_0013

10) What has motherhood taught you?
That life- every breath- is a miracle. Every day has priceless value.2017-01-23_0003

11) What is your favorite quote about motherhood?
“Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise.” -Andy Stanley

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