Toddler Tongues

I love photographing toddlers! There is one sign I look for during a session that tells me they are truly comfortable. Their tongues. There’s no rhyme or reason for it but when I see their little tongues appear I keep shooting because I know they are about to do something hilarious. This is the one reason I love shooting family sessions…they are so random and unpredictable in their little personalities. Even if it feels like chaos, because that’s what childhood is at times, I know I’m doing my part to make them at ease if they do silly things. Enjoy a few of my favorite tongue photos form 2016!

2017-01-09_00172017-01-09_0004dc family photographer, dc newborn photographer 2017-01-09_00092017-01-09_00032017-01-09_00142017-01-09_00122017-01-09_00102017-01-09_00112017-01-09_00132017-01-09_00022017-01-09_00152017-01-09_00162017-01-09_00182017-01-09_00212017-01-09_00192017-01-09_0005

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