The Season of Giving

I’m sure you each can think of that gift. The one gift that special thought went into and came at just the right time?

When I think of giving, most times it involves money in some way. This past month I have been thinking a lot about the different ways we can give and after this morning I decided to jot down a few of my thoughts and share with you.

I was sitting in the back pew at church when I heard my name whispered behind me. Then my friend slid her little pink bundle into my lap. It was a silent but powerful gesture. The next ten minutes I fought back tears as I swaddled her tight. You see, my friend knows I dream of our future family. The gift of snuggling her little girl for an hour during the sermon meant more to me than a thousand words. I so often underestimate the power of a timely gift.

Here is a list of my favorite (money-free) gifts:

*a smile

*a listening ear

*an encouraging note

*prayers from a friend

*a homemade meal

*a welcoming spare room

*a friendly home

“A simple gift can soften hearts and change lives.” 


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