Jolene- Stories of Motherhood, Shinnston WV

In honor of our birthday month, I would like you to meet my twin; Jolene. She is a wonderful mother, has the talent to make any place homey, and takes having a best friend to the next level. I’m so blessed to have her in my life…enjoy her story.

1. How has motherhood changed you as a woman?

Motherhood has been a part of my life before I took my first breath. As my mother nurtured and loved me; so I learned to cuddle and love the many dolls my twin sister and I played with. Now as little ones call me “mom” I am learning how imperfect I am and how much my mother sacrificed. It is a high calling!2016-07-30_00052. What is your full-time occupation?

Loving my family is my full time job.2016-07-30_00033. Tell us a little bit about your family…

All our stories are different but for my husband and I, our struggle was infertility. After much prayer, Rianna entered our home as a dark eyed, curly headed pink bundle. It’s amazing how a baby can make a home feel complete and create a family. I’m learning that if everything turned out how I thought was best I would miss out on wonderful blessings. Five years later God blessed us with another miracle when Landon entered the world. I was raised in a family of seven although mom and dad opened their home through the years to many more besides us. We grew up on a farm where there were many animals around us to care for and learn from. It made for fond childhood memories.2016-07-30_0001
4. What is one family tradition your family was raised with?

Growing up, a high priority of my father’s was the whole family eating meals at the table together. There manners were taught, devotions read and life talked about. A delight of my mom’s was when we all piled in the van and headed to my grandparents for the evening. There we would sit around their living room and grandpap would make popcorn. I learned to respect those older than me, value their wisdom and enjoy their company.2016-07-30_00092016-07-30_00025. What are your “must-haves” as a mom?

One of my family’s pastimes is settling down on the sofa in the evening and reading a book together. The privilege of a public library has expanded our fun and many a bedtime store has been read. 2016-07-30_00046. What is something you are talented with or passionate about?

I have also taken an interest in working on family members and woman who struggle with tight muscles. I hope to take training in Neuro-muscular and Nateral Electromagnetic therapy. It’s amazing the difference you feel after a treatment. 2016-07-30_00127. Any advise for new mother’s?

 A struggle I had as a new mom is to simply accept help. Let those who love you step in and don’t let pride get in the way of you and your baby’s health.2016-07-30_00112016-07-30_00108. Where do you call home?

I was born in Pennsylvania but now call the hills of West Virginia my home. Both states have a beauty of their own.2016-07-30_00089. What is a favorite past-time you do with your children?

A highlight of summer days is bringing out the stroller and taking a walk. It’s exercise for mom and fresh air for all. Another favorite is a card or board game with popcorn.2016-07-30_000710. What is your favorite quote about motherhood?

In motherhood “it’s the days that seem long but the years short.”2016-07-30_0014

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