Facing Fears

I have a fear of birds. I think it stems back to the time I was chased by a turkey as a little girl. I don’t like all the flapping and fast movement…it just puts me on edge. So to stand in the middle of a flock of pigeons felt like some accomplishment! 2016-09-07_0004

I remember after being married a few years and not being able to have children I started looking for other woman or blogs who talked about infertility. Repeatedly, (and not often) I found them but it was after they had adopted or later had a child of their own that they could talk about it. I’m mean, I get it. For the first time, I felt challenged in something I have no control over and it cuts the very essence of being a woman. It makes you question so many things, and I never had struggled with confidence before. Maybe the pain is just too deep to talk about it and I want to give grace to the others who can’t just yet. 2016-09-07_0003

I recently saw these photos of me and the pigeons from several years ago and I felt like I should start facing my fears and write about the struggles I battle with in dealing with infertility and waiting for our “future family”. Don’t worry, I’ve never liked when people write out their diaries. I want to give practical help in what to say and ways to respond to others hurting. I hope that if you have a friend struggling or do so yourself, that I can help in a small way. To let you know you aren’t alone and maybe give you an idea of what to tell your friends who are in the middle of it all. 2016-09-07_0001

If you have a question that you want addressed or any advice that has helped you, feel free to email me at hellojessicaburdge@gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you and possibly share it in future blog posts.

May you feel God’s grace in your hearts today friends.


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