When Life isn’t “perfect peonies”

I’m sure you’ve seen them. The vase of perfect peonies sitting on a spotless kitchen counter. It’s what we all want in our lives…beauty, calm, and relaxing. In a world of online perfection it’s hard when our lives feel boring, look dull, or in my case looks dusty. I’m realizing more and more woman crave beauty. We were designed to create beautiful things. But like anything it needs to be in moderation, that’s where I’m still learning. 2016-07-22_0002

In the past 6 years of marriage we have moved 5 times. From an old farmhouse, one-bedroom apartment to a city townhouse, we have called them all “home.” Each one brought it’s pleasure and adjustment, but I think the most challenging for me has been living in our remodel. I love hosting and throwing parties but have watched myself holding back due to the simple fact that our house isn’t what I have pictured in my mind.

A few months ago Daniel invited friends over for breakfast. What I normally live in everyday suddenly seamed un-worthy and the comparison game started in my head. This our home. My haven! The place we have already shed sweat and tears. (Well, let’s be honest; Danny the sweat and me the tears.) So why and I suddenly ashamed of it now?!

We spruced up the house as best as we could, started pancakes one by one on the gas stove and in desperation for a table cloth I grabbed the second-best thing: the lace I had hanging in the window for a make-shift curtain. 2016-07-22_0001

We had such a wonderful time together. They were so interested in our house projects, didn’t mind chatting while we finished up the pancakes, and I came away incredibly humbled. We put so much stress and pressure on ourselves theses days. We so badly want the “pretty picture” we can miss out on incredible opportunities.

Nourishment. This is the word I pray our home will be. Whether it’s through food, good conversation or a comfortable bed, I want to put my pride aside and make our home a place of welcome. I just started reading The Nesting Place (it’s a must-read!) and I have claimed it’s title: “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.”


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