Danny and I traveled home for Thanksgiving. I love the holidays! When you pull in the drive and we can’t make it to the front door before family is coming out to greet us. This year I found myself thinking about “thanksgiving day” more than usual. How can we instill the spirit of thanksgiving all year round? I’ve thought of small ways our parents have in our lives. One important way was saying grace before each meal. As a child it was just a habit. But I realized those very small things can affect you as an adult.

Working in retail has shown me the urgency of the holidays as well. We were coming  back to Dc on Thanksgiving and the shopping malls were already filled by evening. Everyone in search of the next item and big sale. It made my chest constrict. But then I thought of the photo I took last week. Ironically I was walking out of H&M in Chinatown looking for clothes to match for our Christmas photos this year. When I stepped onto the curb and met these gentlemen, I realized the clothes weren’t something I NEEDED. I turned around and walked home; a lot happier and a lot less stressed. So this year as you shop for the Holidays remember to smile and be kind: the moments slip by so fast.

"Oh give thanks unto the Lord; for His mercy endures forever." Psalm 107:1

“Oh give thanks unto the Lord; for His mercy endures forever.” Psalm 107:1

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