Christmas Traditions

Christmas has many fond memories for me- like making Christmas cookies, wrapping presents, and reading the Christmas story.

But there are some memories our parents did with us that have stuck with me through the years.

1. One year all my sisters and I went to the local Salvation Army and wrapped presents and make food for the homeless.

It taught us valuable lessons on thankfulness and giving-it also gave Mother a few quiet moments in the kitchen. 🙂

2. We went to a nursing home and sang carols- it’s amazing how 1 hour of our time can mean the world to a stranger.

3. We always packed shoe boxes to send over seas to children.

4. Mother is always inviting neighbors or friends who have no plans or family over for Christmas supper.

Yes our family is getting bigger (and louder with more children) but that is what Christmas is all about.

I hope some day I can pass the same traditions on to my family.

I would love hear some ways you and your family give gifts to Jesus. After all…it’s His birthday.

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