The past week…

I have been:

thankful… for Spring!

enjoying… flip flops and cherry blossoms.

recovering… from a bad trip to the dentist and my first sun burn for the summer!

attempting… to drink more water (sigh) and start reading.

any suggestions? 🙂accepting…I have freckles and can’t do anything about themrealizing…I am far from perfect. I have so much to grow in:

1. being a true friend-no matter what!

2. be more thankful for every day things

3. control my temper-it seems to rear it’s head in the most unexpected times 🙁

4. continue to mature as a Christian.

But the most beautiful thing that amazes me  is God loves me with all my imperfections.

When I am the most “unlovely” He loves me still.

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