Our First Easter in DC…

If there is one thing I miss moving to DC…it’s hosting. I love having friends and family to the one spot in the world I feel the most comfortable.


1. I can use things that is too big for Danny and I to use-like my favorite tea pot.2. light candles of coursePeppermint is my favorite.3. I have an excuse to bake. (Yeast is a wonderful friend of mine:) )Danny salted the pretzels for me.waiting in line for the ovenNope not done yet….( I know my oven needs cleaned-one job like to put off for …..all year! )My water pitcher from  Grandma-Elsie.I like to lather on the butter…trickling springs of course.Not enough until they glisten!4. We get to spend time with friends. We stuffed 17 people in our tiny apartment. French pressed coffee for my Love.Leaving for home.AAs I sit beside my husband snuggled on the couch on this Easter evening my heart is full. Full of thankfulness for friends, a caring church body, and eternal gratefulness to my heavenly Father.

Happy Easter Friends!

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