The Nursery | newborn details

“Even the smallest one can change the world.” -Peter Rabbit

I typically take my newborn photos on the bed in the mater bedroom. I do this for several reasons; one, it gives me a lot of space to work on and the baby is safely surrounded with a soft padding. Two, there is usually lots of windows in the master bedroom which is the best option for me because I rarely use any type of flash with newborns.

But I do try to peak in the nursery too. Most times parents have given a lot of thought into the details, picked out their favorite baby books and have one or two heirlooms hidden about the room. Nurseries are typically small and do not have many windows, which make it tricky to photograph,  but they mean a lot to the parents. You can get close to the mother snuggling her baby on a chair, you can stand the parents by the bassinet looking down at the baby or simply capture the details to incorporate in the newborn’s gallery.

If you are a photographer, I promise this will mean a lot to the parents. If you are the new parents, be sure to mention any details you may want captured while your photographer is at your home.

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