My Love for Quilts

My love for quilts started before I can remember. As a little girl I could always find my Grandma Myers at the quilting frame. I would park my bike by the front door, grab a cookie out of the freezer on my way past and slide up a chair next to her. She would thread my needle and then I would tell her about my day. I still can’t believe she let us Grandchildren stitch on her quilts with sticky fingers and uneven stitches. They were her masterpieces, but time with us was more important too her.


When I was old enough she took me up to the spare bedroom where she kept all her finished quilts and let me choose one. The bed was stacked high with mounds of quilts and I could smell moth balls in the chest.

Till this day it’s one of my most beloved treasures.


Growing up in old farmhouses we never had heat in the winters. Mom would add a few extra quilts and my sisters and I would wriggle far beneath them during winer months, giggling and telling secrets.


I love incorporating quilts into my family sessions. It adds color, warmth and coziness. The children can roll around and laugh on them, families hug on them, and couples snuggle. My Mother has picked several quilts up at thrift stores and antique shops for me.

I always wonder about the stories they could tell.


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