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I use a documentary approach with both baby and family within their own surrounding. My newborn sessions take place in my client’s home using natural light. While I do give my clients some posing direction, I generally feed off of the love and experiences of the family I am working with. Instead of using props I incorporate nursery details the parents have created for their little one. Babies love the environment in which they feel the most comfortable and safe: your home.

During our family sessions, my goal is to get several portraits of your family but also capture your children’s true personalities. I find these are the photographs my clients treasure the most. We will walk, laugh and explore together; creating families memories.

Birth Photography:

  Average $3000. Inquire for details

Fresh 48 Sessions:


  • 1 hour session within the first 48 hours after birth
  • at home or in hospital

Newborn Sessions:


  • 1 hour session
  • online gallery with 30 digital files

Motherhood Package:


  • 30 minute Maternity session
  • 1 hour Newborn session
  • 1 hour 1-year old session

Family Sessions:


  • 1 hour session
  • online gallery with 30 digital files

Weddings start at $2,000 - inquire here

frequently asked questions

I am expecting! When is the best time to book a maternity session?

Congratulations! I would suggest between the 7/8 month mark. You have a sweet bump to show but aren’t too uncomfortable yet. If you are past that mark or need to take them sooner for some reason I will do my best to fit you in.

What should I wear for maternity sessions?

“Long” and “flowing” is my go-to. It is the most flattering and enhances your femininity. I would shy away from bright colors but patterns are fine. Light colors are best.

Who will be included in Newborn sessions?

I mainly focus on the newborn. When I feel like I have gotten several good baby portraits I add both the parents. Lot of times I get detailed shots while the baby is resting in Dad or Mom’s arms. They tend to relax when they know they are safe. Next we add any siblings for several family photos. This can mean everyone is looking at me or I capture moments of your family inspecting the newest member. I love when siblings watch baby’s toes or softly stroke their fuzzy head. A new family member is very exciting!

What should the baby wear?

I recommend something simple and timeless. A plain white onesie, or just a diaper snuggled in a blanket.

Where will the Newborn session take place?

Typically I shoot most of my newborns on the parents bed-or couch. If there is a nice big window I am good to go. I will take a look around the house to scout out the best light first. No need to tidy up before I come. That causes extra stress which you certainly don’t need with a new little one in the house. I love capturing my clients in moments that naturally unfold even when I’m not there.

Do you bring props?

I like the session to unfold organically. I bring a few wraps and head bands along but sometimes don’t even end up using them. I do not use any props such as buckets and use only natural light. I focus on the little details like eyelashes, expressions, and tiny toes. Those are the things that change so quickly in just a few weeks.

Who is Jessica?

I am the lady behind the lens. From little up I have loved and tended to babies. My parents hosted many foster babies during my childhood; so family goes much farther than blood for me. I spent some time after high school in Haiti at an orphanage. At one point I had 10 children under my care. When I married my husband, we both dreamed of a family of our own one day. After 6 years of marriage God showed us a different plan for our story and now we dream of meeting our “future family” through adoption. Struggling with infertility has shown me the miracle of life. How each and every sweet, quirky little person is a gift. I am thrilled and humbled to have the privilege of photographing your gifts. Learn more about me right here.